What Next?

September is usually a dreadful month. You're always tired and burnt-out, the last 30 days have been the culmination of nearly all your creative efforts over the last year, and you're faced with a horrifyingly empty stretch of time as you gradually try to get your wheels in gear again and figure out what projects to prioritise for the new year. This year, though, I guess because I wasn't focusing massively on a solo show, I've been able to line up a bunch of projects for the coming weeks, so am weirdly excited to get cracking on with them.

First of all, following on directly from my Fringe stuff this year, I'll be developing the Mr Fruit Salad show into something for next year, which hopefully will first be seen at VAULT Festival and Leicester Comedy Festival next year, then at other places to lead up to Edinburgh 2019. Also, there's plenty of talk about doing more with TIMMY. We're currently sorting out plans for a London transfer (hopefully this autumn) and a small tour (probably early next year), and there's vague talk of trying to adapt the play for film or online or TV or something like that. Obviously, this is Roxy's project not mine, but hopefully whatever ends up happening with it I'll still be involved with as it's been a real pleasure bringing that character to life.

There's also a bunch of film or audio projects hopefully being released in the next month or two - a short sketch about regional accents, a documentary about Mr Fruit Salad as a cryptid or urban legend, mine and Ed Aczel's Da Vinci Code-inspired anti-adventure film, the long-awaited public release of the collaborative horror-art-comedy The Baby that me and Sam Nicoresti, Lucy Pearman and Lottie Bowater have been touting round film festivals this year, and potentially a radio pilot I'm in about the Two Ronnies. Oh, and there's a short film about an egg that I'm in that might emerge one of these days, I'm not really sure where that is.

I'm also hoping to get the wheels moving on a short film about Gustav Holst that I think my brother might be helping me on, as I'd like to make it with a particular director who I'm excited to do some more work with, and, most excitingly, myself and Ed will be working on a big project this autumn which I'm really quite excited by. I won't say exactly what it is yet as we've not met to start planning it yet, but there'll be more news very soon. I'll also be co-writing, curating and filming a sort of anthology webseries about park benches with Charlie Laurie, which I think we'll try to get on with this month, and finally making my own podcast as I've finally had an idea that I think will suit the podcast format. It's called The Mr Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes (yep, him again) and is about therapy and mental health and identity and self-care, but is also totally ridiculous and might eventually become a murder mystery. Think it'll be really fun. Oh, and I feel like I should write a new Jonathan Spooky short so I can turn those into a trilogy, so if anybody has any ideas of stupid, archaic jobs that offer a peep into an odd sub-culture that he could be doing now, answers on a postcard.

On top of all that, I've still got a few other bigger ideas in development with various people, so we'll see if there's any movement on any of them this year, and I'm hoping to do some more acting so you might see me popping up in stuff here and there, but even if neither of those transpire in the immediate future, I've given myself plenty to be getting on with under my own steam. So keep your eyes open for all of that stuff!