Support Me On Ko-Fi

I recently found out about Ko-Fi, a platform where creators can build networks with their fans so that their fans can send them tips in appreciation of their work. I think it's specifically engineered for creators whose career model means they often distribute their work online for free. And I want to be very clear here - I have never, ever felt like I am owed money by people who enjoy my work. The films and sketches and things I make nearly always cost me money, and often don't make me very much. I have never felt hard done by for that. I chose to do this with my life, and there's a great letter Kurt Vonnegut wrote to some schoolkids once telling them to write a poem then rip it up and throw it away as they will already have been rewarded for it by writing it, and I've always subscribed to that way of thinking.

But Ko-Fi strikes me as a really lovely platform. I've got a bunch more things coming out over the next few months (at least two or three more sketches, a short film, a new podcast, a documentary, possibly a sitcom pilot, then more TBC) most of which I'll be putting out online for free because I like making them and if they happen to make people laugh or smile then that's a happy by-product. But if there's anybody out there who's ever enjoyed my work enough to send me a little tip then that would be so hugely appreciated and so lovely and be another little reminder that the things I make mean something to other people too. All money I make from ko-fi will go back into covering the expenses of future creative projects. If you'd like to send me anything, then that'd be really swell, but it is absolutely not expected of you. You can follow and support me here if you'd be interested.