Joz Norris Announces The "2 Nights In Manchester 2018" UK Tour

Comedian Joz Norris, star of ITV's Judge Rinder and a Bulgarian beer advert, has announced his first ever UK tour, consisting of two consecutive performances at mixed bill nights in Manchester.

On Monday 12th November he will be part of the multi-disciplinary performance-art night FLIM NITE, recreating part of the film Pan's Labyrinth using a traditional Romanian folk mask and a tin of custard at Affleck's Arcade.

On Tuesday 13th November he will be part of the lineup for XS Malarkey at the Bread Shed, just doing 20 minutes of his good stuff, really.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines a "tour" as "a planned visit to several places in a country or area made for a special purpose, such as one made by a politician, sports team or group of performers."

He won't even be going home in between the two gigs and his Megabus home isn't until midnight on the Tuesday, so he really will be "on the road!" (copyright Jack Kerouac)

If anybody reading this has anywhere to crash in Manchester on Monday night, they are very welcome to get in touch with Norris's tour manager via his website,

The promoters of the gigs have asked that Norris do a bit of plugging on social media to get the shows nice and busy, so announcing a tour seemed a good thing to do.

Norris said "I'm so excited to be taking 20 minutes of brand new material written for a bespoke comedy night, and 20 minutes of the best stuff I've been working on over the last year or two, out on the road. The "2 Nights In Manchester 2018" tour will be a great opportunity for Joz Norris fans from all over the world to come and see me in Manchester!"

Tickets for Flim Nite are available here.

And tickets for XS Malarkey are available here.