NIBIRU! TechnoApocalypseAntiPanto

Anybody keenly feeling the lack of a Weirdos Panto this year would do well to book tickets to this. I'll be completely honest, I don't really know what it is and I imagine it'll be COMPLETELY different from the Weirdos panto, but it's another big, collaborative, anarchic anti-panto show for the Christmas season and I imagine it might come from a similar place. I really don't know what happens in it except that Mr Fruit Salad is a soothsayer, and it comes from the brilliant minds of Ergo Phizmiz and Lottie "Depresstival" Bowater, and Consignia are in it too. Should be interesting. It's at the Hackney Old Baths on the 15th December. The last Ergo Phizmiz project I saw was his Brexit Opera last year, which is comfortably the strangest thing I've ever seen live, which is saying something. Excited to be a small part of this new oddity! Book your tickets soon!