John-Luke Roberts' Terrible Wonderful Adaptations: Christmas Special

Here's another hot tip for a good anarchic collaborative Christmas comedy show for anybody sad about the lack of a Weirdos panto this year. Having helmed stage adaptations of The End of History, the iTunes terms and conditions, A Lover's Discourse, Ulysses and A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu, John-Luke Roberts is putting on a Christmas special of his "Terrible Wonderful Adaptations" project at the Soho Theatre. I'm involved in it in some capacity, though I don't know yet exactly what I'll be doing, and I don't know who the rest of the cast will be. Plenty of comedy legends and absolute idiots, I imagine. The text to be adapted is a surprise that will be revealed on the night! Book your tickets asap, the Edinburgh shows sold unaccountably well. You can book tickets and find more info here.