Thank You, Manchester!

Just a quick thank you to the lovely nights that played host to me in Manchester this week, partly to the lovely folks at XS Malarkey on Tuesday, but principally to the wonderful team behind Flim Nite on Monday. Flim Nite is easily one of the most exciting, interesting, joyously silly conceptual shows I've been introduced to in a really long time, in which a film is divided up into 20-minute segments which are then dished out to a line-up of comics, dancers, singers, writers, poets, performance artists and so on for them to interpret as they see fit. The night itself, then, becomes a sort of distorted retelling of a single film refracted through the medium of several different art forms and performance disciplines, and it was one of the most brilliant things I've seen in ages. I got to see one of my favourite films, the wonderful Pan's Labyrinth, retold not just through mine and Helen Duff's daft clowning around, but also through a tender story about motherhood from Sarah Bennetto, a short fairytale from Rosie Garland, poetry from Anna Percy and Elizabeth Gibson, and a quite simply incredible musical interpretation of the Pale Man scene from Low Cinnabar, who was frankly terrifying. Here's me in my Romanian folk mask pretending to be Doug Jones. Thanks again, Manchester, see you again soon, I hope. If you're up north then get along to a Flim Nite sometime, it runs in Newcastle and Sheffield too and in December they're doing Shrek. Their Facebook page is here.