Come To Where I'm From

Very excited to be collaborating with my brother, the writer Barney Norris, and the wonderful theatre company Paines Plough, on a little project for February 2019. Paines Plough are masterminding a project called Come To Where I'm From, in which over 150 writers perform self-penned monologues about the place they call home, to make up a sort of patchwork tapestry of ideas about what it means to be from somewhere, all over the United Kingdom. On February 20th an edition about Salisbury will be staged at the Salisbury Playhouse, where I first performed live onstage, and Barney will be writing one of the pieces staged that day. The general trend for the project is that the pieces are performed by their writers, but for various reasons, it's been decided that this one will be performed by me. On the one hand, this is just an exciting opportunity to return to a place that, while I feel very conflicted about it, had an important formative role in my life and in the fact that I've ended up performing for a living, and perform a piece about what a home is and what it means to belong, or to not belong, somewhere. On the other hand, and I won't say too much about this, but the particular device Barney has come up with to play with the fact that the performer and writer are not the same person potentially leads the piece into some really interesting territory where it might end up exploring nostalgia and contested memory and, my absolute favourite topic at the moment, phenomenology. This side of things is one on which I might have the odd bit of creative input myself, though it very much remains Barney's project. Either way, I'm very excited to be part of it, and thrilled to be working with Paines Plough, a company whose work I've loved in the past. I'll update here as and when tickets go on sale, and if you can't get to Salisbury on February 20th, a recording of the performance will subsequently be available on the Come To Where I'm From app. You can read more about the project here.