VAULT Festival Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets are on sale for my new show at VAULT Festival in January.

Gonna be very sincere and earnest here - I would REALLY like you all to come to this. Partly because, based on the work-in-progress version of this I did at the Fringe this year and the work I've done on it since, I think this is going to be the best show I've made.

And partly because I've finally realised I just don't like gigging very much, and for the first time

I want to build a show not just out of little routines and chunks I've worked on at gigs, but a show that explores and inhabits an idea, and that I work on privately by myself then share now and again in its entirety. So because of that, big festival shows like this are actually the only place I'm going to be sharing this new thing so I'm kind of reliant on people coming to see it in order to figure out if it's getting better.

So please do book a ticket, I'd really love you all to come and will benefit greatly from your feedback and I do actually think it's going to be very good. Thank you, love you. You can book tickets and find more information here.