The Best Shows At VAULT Festival 2019

VAULT Festival just launched, so I thought I'd do a run-down of some of the shows I'm most excited about, and that you should definitely put in your diary if you're thinking of spending some time in the tunnels under Waterloo during spring 2019. Obviously this list has a strong comedy focus, but I've tried to include some theatre picks I'm excited about too, but I don't know as much about theatre. Sorry about that. Anyway, here are some shows I think are worth your attention:

Pope's Addiction Clinic - Travelling Through Bookshop, 23rd-26th Jan, 18:45. Mixed Bill/Conceptual

Evelyn Mok: Farts-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 23rd Jan, 20:15. Stand-up

Glenn Moore: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Glenn Moore - The Studio, 23rd Jan, 20:40. Stand-up

Mad Etiquette: Fool Brittannia - The Brick Hall, 23rd-26th Jan, 21:10. Clowning

Josh Glanc: Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamedian - The Cage, 23rd-27th Jan, 21:20. Absurdist

Jim Campbell: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 23rd & 26th Jan, 21:45. Stand-up

Johnny Pelham: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 24th Jan, 20:15. Stand-up

Catherine Bohart: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 24th Jan, 20:40. Stand-up

Foxdog Studios: Robot Chef - The Brick Hall, 24th & 25th Jan, 22:35. Multimedia

Jay Bennett: An Audience With Yasmine Day - The Pit, 24th Jan, 22:50. Character Comedy

The Free Association: Jacuzii - The Crescent, 25th-27th Jan, 18:15. Improv

Helen Duff: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 25th Jan, 20:15. Absurdist

Rob Oldham: Worm's Lament - The Studio, 25th-27th Jan, 20:40. Stand-up

Tom Parry: THE PWR OF LUV (Work-in-Progress) - The Studio, 25th-26th Jan, 22:00. Stand-up

Sorry - The Cage, 25th Jan & 15th March, 22:45. Improv

Comedy Club 4 Kids - The Crescent, 26th Jan, 2nd, 9th & 23rd Feb, 2nd & 9th March, 15:15. Mixed Bill/Children's

Jack Rooke: Cheer The F**k Up (Book Work-in-Progress) - Travelling Through Bookshop, 26th Jan, 20:15. Storytelling

FemFringe - The Brick Hall, 27th Jan & 17th Feb, 21:10. Mixed Bill/Theatre

A Super Happy Story About Feeling Super Sad - The Crescent, 30th Jan-3rd Feb, 18:30. Theatre

Ben Pope: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 30th Jan, 18:45. Stand-up

Joz Norris Is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad. - The Studio, 30th Jan, 20:40. Absurdist

Phil Wang: Work-in-Progress - Network Theatre, 30th Jan, 21:15. Stand-up

Masud Milas: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 31st Jan, 18:45. Stand-up

Jamali Maddix: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 31st Jan, 21:45. Stand-up

Alison Thea-Skot & Kat Bond: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 31st Jan, 22:00. Character Comedy

Grainne Maguire: It's Problematic - Travelling Through Bookshop, 1st-2nd Feb, 18:45. Stand-up

Lucy Pearman: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 1st Feb, 20:15. Absurdist

Max & Ivan: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 1st-2nd Feb, 20:40. Sketch

Tamsyn Kelly: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 1st Feb, 22:00. Stand-up

Succubus At VAULT Festival - The Brick Hall, 1st Feb, 22:35. Mixed Bill

Rory O'Keeffe: The 37th Question - The Studio, 2nd Feb, 16:30. Storytelling

Beth Vyse As Olive Hands In The Hand That Rocked The Cradle - Network Theatre, 2nd & 9th Feb, 16:30. Character Comedy

Ed Night: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 2nd Feb, 20:15. Stand-up

Robin Clyfan: The Sea Is Big Enough To Take It - Network Theatre, 2nd Feb, 21:15. Storytelling

Dane Baptiste: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 2nd Feb, 21:45. Stand-up

William Andrews: Willy - The Studio, 3rd Feb, 20:40. Absurdist

Desiree Burch: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 3rd Feb, 22:00. Stand-up

The Good Landlord - The Cavern, 6th-10th Feb, 18:00. Theatre

The Half - The Brick Hall, 6th-10th Feb, 18:10. Theatre

Space Opera - The Cage, 6th-10th Feb, 19:50. Theatre

The Death Hilarious Presents Pigsty Jubilee (Work-in-Progress) - The Studio, 6th-7th Feb, 20:40. Absurdist

The Story Beast: This Is Bardcore - Network Theatre, 6th-10th Feb, 21:15. Storytelling

Heidi Regan: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 6th-7th Feb, 21:45. Stand-up

Ben Target: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 7th Feb, 20:15. Absurdist

Will Adamsdale: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 8th-9th Feb, 18:45. Absurdist

Thom Tuck Sings The Mountain Goats - The Studio, 8th Feb, 20:40. Music

Stuart Laws: Making A Choice - Travelling Through Bookshop, 8th-9th Feb, 21:45. Stand-up

Lamplighters - The Cage, 8th & 22nd Feb, 22:45. Interactive

Fern Brady: Power And Chaos (Work-in-Progress) - Travelling Through Bookshop, 9th & 16th Feb, 20:15. Stand-up

Kat Bond: Emotion In Progress - The Studio, 9th Feb, 20:40. Character Comedy

Patrick Spicer: Now I've Seen Anything (Work-in-Progress) - Travelling Through Bookshop, 13th Feb, 18:45. Stand-up

Elf Lyons: Love Songs To Guinea Pigs - Network Theatre, 13th-15th Feb, 21:15. Absurdist

I, Tom Mayhew (Work-in-Progress) - Travelling Through Bookshop, 14th Feb, 18:45. Stand-up

Bethany Black: Unwinnable - Travelling Through Bookshop, 14th Feb, 20:15. Stand-up

Sasha Ellen: No Man's Land - Travelling Through Bookshop, 14th Feb, 21:45. Storytelling

Jack Barry: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 15th Feb, 20:15. Stand-up

Johnny White Really-Really: Unending Torment! - Travelling Through Bookshop, 15th Feb, 21:45. Stand-up

Gemma Arrowsmith: Auntie - Network Theatre, 16th & 23rd Feb, 16:30. Character Comedy

Micky Overman Present Presenting Miss Micky Overman (Work-in-Progress) - The Studio, 16th-17th Feb, 20:40. Stand-up

Tom Crowley's Mass - The Studio, 20th-21st Feb, 20:40. Absurdist

Luke Rollason's Infinite Content (Work-in-Progress) - The Studio, 20th Feb, 22:00. Clowning

Annie McGrath - Travelling Through Bookshop, 20th-21st Feb, 18:45. Stand-up

James Acaster: Work-in-Progress - Network Theatre, 21st Feb, 21:15. Stand-up

Sunil Patel: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 22nd Feb, 20:15. Stand-up

Sean Morley: I Apologise For My Recent Behaviour - The Studio, 22nd-23rd Feb, 20:40. Absurdist

The MMORPG Show III: Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder - The Pit, 22nd Feb & 1st March, 22:50. Ineractive

Arnab Chanda: Opinions That Make Me Unlikable (Work-in-Progress) - Travelling Through Bookshop, 23rd Feb, 20:15. Stand-up

Richard Soames: Let's Make A Movie - Network Theatre, 23rd-24th Feb, 21:15. Multimedia

Alex Lynch: Lynchpin - Travelling Through Bookshop, 23rd Feb, 21:45. Character Comedy

Lazy Susan: Work-in-Progress - The Cage, 24th Feb, 15:25. Sketch

Goose: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 27th Feb, 20:15. Absurdist

Chris Stokes: We Don't Need Roads - Network Theatre, 27th Feb-3rd March, 21:15. Stand-up

Mr. Thing - The Crescent, 27th-28th Feb & 2nd-3rd March, 21:15. Conceptual

Jordan Brookes: I've Got Nothing (Work-in-Progress) - The Studio, 27th Feb-1st March, 22:00. Absurdist

Joe Sutherland: You Better Work (In Progress) - Travelling Through Booskhop, 28th Feb, 18:45. Stand-up

Helen Bauer: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 28th Feb, 20:15. Stand-up

Gary Tro: Idoit - Travelling Through Bookshop, 28th Feb-1st March, 21:45. Stand-up

Graham Dickson: An Evening With... (Work-in-Progress) - The Pit, 28th Feb & 14th March, 22:50. Improv

Spencer Jones: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 1st-3rd March, 20:40. Absurdist

Maddie Campion: Truly Maddie Deeply (Work-in-Progress) - Travelling Through Bookshop, 2nd March, 18:45. Stand-up

Jordan Brookes: Adventures In Limited Space - The Studio, 2nd March, 22:00. Absurdist

The Hoovering Podcast - The Crescent, 3rd March, 16:45. Podcast

Jordan Brookes: Body Of Work - The Studio, 3rd March, 22:00. Absurdist

Ian Smith: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 6th March, 20:15. Stand-up

Holly Burn 2019 - The Studio, 6th-7th March, 20:40. Absurdist

Ivo Graham: Progress-in-Progress 2019 - Network Theatre, 6th March, 21:15. Stand-up

Bryony Twydle: Work-in-Progress Double Bill - Travelling Through Bookshop, 6th March, 21:45. Character Comedy

Olga Koch: Button - The Studio, 6th-7th March, 22:00. Stand-up

Charlie Dinkin: Talking About The Weather - Travelling Through Bookshop, 7th March, 20:15. Stand-up

Caroline Mabey Leaves The Room Slowly - Travelling Through Bookshop, 7th March, 21:45. Absurdist

Blue Planet III - The Studio, 9th-10th & 16th-17th March, 15:00. Clowning

Paul Foxcroft: Debut - The Studio, 9th-10th March, 16:30. Stand-up

Yuriko Kotani: Overwork In Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 9th March, 20:15. Stand-up

Guy Kelly: The Phwoar Horseman - Network Theatre, 9th-10th March, 21:15. Stand-up

Alfie Brown: Work-in-Progress - Travelling Through Bookshop, 13th March, 20:15. Stand-up

Tracy's Leaving Party: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 13th March, 22:00. Sketch

Jen Brister: Work-in-Progress - The Studio, 14th March, 22:00. Stand-up

Steve McNeil: Video Games (Work-in-Progress) - The Studio, 15th March, 20:40. Stand-up

Jessica Fostekew: Hench (Work-in-Progress) - Travelling Through Bookshop, 15th March, 21:45. Stand-up