110% John Kearns & Pat Cahill Christmas Special

Firstly, a quick thank you to all who came along to the three special Christmas one-off shows I've been involved with this week. On Wednesday I helped Adam Larter to stage a corporate Christmas special of the Tone of Voice advertising show for Wunderman Thompson, so I doubt anybody reading this was at that, unless they liked it so much they've decided to look me up. On Friday I helped stage a live adaptation of the Book of Revelations for John-Luke Roberts' Christmas special of the stupid Terrible Wonderful Adaptations series of shows, with John-Luke as Father Christmas. And on Saturday Mr Fruit Salad contributed some doom-laden prophecies to NIBIRU, a TechnoApocalypseAntiPanto from Ergo Phizmiz and Depresstival which was comfortably the strangest thing I've ever been involved with. Three very different sorts of festive nonsense.

Anyway, this week coming I'll be a small part of one more special Christmas show, as I have a small cameo in one of the Christmas specials of 110% John Kearns & Pat Cahill. The 110% shows, in which John and Pat share sketches and ramblings and other nonsense, are comfortably some of my favourite shows ever, and they've booked a wonderful line-up of guests for these festive editions, and it'll be a Christmassy joy to contribute a little bit to it. They're at Battersea Arts Centre on Wednesday and Thursday, though I'll only be there on Thursday 20th. More details and tickets available here.