Laugh Out London's Hootananny - The Comeback Special

Long-term Joz Norris/Weirdos/Laugh Out London fans will be aware of the LOL's Holland Hootananny, a formerly annual tradition in which some of the best and brightest Weirdos were banded together by Jools Holland (played by Tom Crowley) into a too-small comedy venue to pretend to be famous musicians and take the piss out of the Hootananny. It ran for three or four years every New Year, but didn't happen last year as Laugh Out London had suddenly ballooned to stratospheric success and the boys there didn't have time to organise it, I think. However, this year it makes its triumphant return and, due to Tom Crowley being unavailable, I will be playing Jools Holland. Other acts include Adam Larter, Lucy Pearman, Matthew Highton, Ali Brice, Sooz Kempner, Ben Alborough, Michael Brunstrom, Cassie Atkinson, Marny Godden and Andy Barr. So all the best people in the world, basically. Also, Adam, who is mostly running it, is insisting that we slightly alter the formula this year to make it slightly more interesting than just another parody and piss-take of famous musicians singing their hits, as we've sort of done that now. I won't say here quite what his twist on the formula is, but it sounds daft and fun. The Hootananny Comeback will be at Camden Comedy Club on the 2nd January, and you can book tickets here!