Thank You, LSFF!

Big thanks to the London Short Film Festival for hosting our weird little film today. We loved watching it in a proper cinema. Further down there is a picture of us being auteurs. For those less clued-up about what all this is, because the film itself is one we made some time ago now, in 2017 I teamed up with Lucy Pearman, Sam Nicoresti and Lottie Bowater to make a strange avant-garde horror-art-comedy short entitled The Baby, about which we knew virtually nothing before we set out to make it. Me and Lucy had a series of surreal images we wanted to film, and Sam had some ideas about how he wanted it to look, and Lottie had some ideas about how she wanted it to sound, and we just all let our imaginations collide over it and created something really quite unusual which I'm enormously proud of to this day. Because it ended up being stranger and more unique than any of us realised it would be, we decided to use it as a little calling-card to dip our toes into the world of professional filmmaking, and submit it to a bunch of film festivals around the world. Considering we were all fairly new to filmmaking, and made The Baby in one day on a non-existent budget, we knew there would be a fair few knock-backs and that it would mostly be a learning experience more than anything else, but now as it comes to the end of its life on the festival circuit, I'm enormously proud that something we just threw together for the sake of making something became a Finalist in the Experimental & Arthouse category at Brighton Rocks Film Festival; received an Honourable Mention at the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival and, closing its run on a high, was an Official Selection at the hugely prestigious London Short Film Festival. We learned a lot about how that world operates and how to find your feet in it, and we did it with a film that I think really stands proud on its own two feet and does something unique and different and original. I'll always be very proud of this film, and it was so lovely seeing it on a big screen alongside some other wonderful shorts today. My top pick of the films we saw is definitely Ben Aston's Halfterlife, which I thought was wonderful. I don't think it's available online yet, but keep an eye out for it, I loved it (there's a trailer here). Thanks again to LSFF, and on we go to the next thing. You can watch The Baby here if you've not seen it.