The Family Tree Podcast Season 3 Episode 2

The third and final season of The Family Tree Podcast is here! Longtime fans of the series will remember that my character, Nathan, came a cropper in Season 2 after heading off to the Amazon rainforest with Michael Brunstrom's Nigel Masters in search of a jaguar to transform into (long story, magic realism and stuff). So how can I possibly be involved in Season 3? Well, I'd hate to spoil anything but rest assured Nathan continues to be a presence in The Family Tree's final few episodes, and he makes his return in Episode 2, co-starring Vera Chok, Natasha Magigi, Lucy Ayrton and Zack Polanski. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts here, on Spotify here, or visit the website here. And you can probably get it wherever else you listen to your podcasts too.

Season 3's going to be quite exciting and emotional, I think. After things delved into global conspiracy territory in Season 2, this final run shifts the focus back to the Sullivan family and wraps up all the global terrorism stuff in a way that also brings us back round to the small family drama that kicked off Season 1. I think it's going to round off its story in a really lovely way, so do give it a listen and I hope you enjoy the last few twists and turns!