Thank You, Leicester!

Many thanks and congratulations to all the lovely, brave, stupid Weirdos and Heroes who put on amazing shows this weekend, I had such a lovely time. Leicester is always one of my favourite weekends of the comedy calendar, and it was a real pleasure sharing my new show with that festival. Its next appearance will be at the Glasgow Comedy Festival at the end of March, and you can book tickets here. Big salutes and tips of the hat also to everyone whose amazing show I managed to catch - Sian & Zoe; Roisin & Chiara; Matthew Highton; Ali Brice; Adam Larter; Andy Barr; Sam Nicoresti; Michael Brunstrom and Ben Target. Catch them all if they're doing their shows near you soon, they're all absolutely fantastic. And finally, a huge thank you to Jason Neale for looking after the Heroes in Leicester again this year as he does every year, and this time even accommodating a very stressful, and masterfully resolved, change of venue. Here's to next year's Leicester, and lots of love in the meantime!