Work Begins On The Mr Fruit Salad Therapy Tapes

A few months ago I started developing an idea for a podcast. I've always felt that because everybody and their dog has a podcast, there's no point ever trying to make one unless it's going to be one of the best podcasts ever (difficult to guarantee) or it makes a conscious effort to be unlike every other podcast.

Last night we did the first bit of actual practical work on it and I'm very excited to realise that when it's finished it's going to be comfortably the strangest thing I've ever made. It's going to be a longer process than I realised to get it all together as it's going to be really quite a strange, complicated thing, but the ideas flying around yesterday got me very excited. It's partly inspired by House Of Leaves, and partly by The Disintegration Loops.

Here's a nice picture, watch this space for updates.