EdFringe Tickets Now On Sale!

I conducted a Twitter poll to decide what the eventual tone of my "EdFringe Tickets Are Now On Sale!" post would be, and people voted for "Arrogant Hard Sell," so here we go:

Hey, dickheads! Everybody knows comedy, at its finest, is about impressing people. It's not about having fun or being silly or being creative or expressing an unusual idea in an interesting way, it's about showing everybody how brilliant you are to trick yourself into feeling slightly less alone, not that I'm ever alone, I'm very handsome and everybody wants to give me kisses and cuddles. Anyway, I digress. Luckily this year I've made the best damn comedy show of all time and it's going to win Best New Spirit New Comedian Variety Act Show Of The Century or something like that, and you're all going to wish you'd made a show even half as good. You'd better book your tickets now because literally the only reason I can think of why you wouldn't book a ticket is if you were an absolute loser, and nobody wants to be a loser, everybody wants to win. I'm great.

(Wow, I really hated doing that). Tickets for my solo show Joz Norris Is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad. are available here. Tickets for my sketch show double act with Ed Aczel, Ed & Joz's Deleted Scenes, are available here.