Ed & Joz's Heist Movie - TRAILER

At the start of last year, Ed Aczel and I wrote a script in which we tried to make our version of a heist movie, in which we stole a vending machine. We put it on at the Soho Theatre and it was definitely our best work yet. At the end of last year, the amazing Avril Spary stepped in and offered to help us turn it into a proper little film/pilot/taster thing, and our good pal Jonathan Brooks directed it. It's all finished now and I'm beyond proud of it, I think it's my best work. We're going to unleash it properly with a big screening in September, once the Fringe is out of the way, but Jon's put together a lovely little trailer for us and we hope you like it. Please share it around if you enjoy it, so many people worked incredibly hard on it and we're so proud and we'd love it to do well when it's finally time to show it to everybody. Enjoy the trailer!

Featuring the amazing comedy talents of Michael Stranney Lucy Pearman Alison Thea-Skot and Ben Target.