Resonance FM Stewardship

Big news for fans of Guys! Guys! Guys! the radio show on Resonance FM which I occasionally pop in and guest on. Tony Law, the show's ringleader, is stepping away from it for the summer so he can focus on his Edinburgh shows, but myself and co-host Matt Highton either don't have Edinburgh shows (him) or have so much free time we're happy to just keep doing it anyway (me), so starting from next week, the 20th June, Matt and I will be stewarding the show for six weeks up until the 25th July. We'll be getting occasional guests (I think John Kearns is keen to come back at some point?) and filling the airwaves with the unique blend of fun, chat, music and historical whimsy that fans of Guys! Guys! Guys! have come to love. We will not let the fans down! We'll be hosting it on Resonance (which you can listen to here) from 11:00-12:00 every Thursday for those six weeks, tune in!