Mr Fruit Salad & Friends - July

Thrilled to announce that the inaugural night of my new gig Mr Fruit Salad & Friends was a roaring success right up until the point when 10 coked-up guys stormed the venue trying to stab Luke McQueen because he had asked their friend to be quiet and stop heckling. Luke subsequently had to go into hiding and was almost a missing person for a bit before it turned out he'd just gone home, and Jon Brittain bravely wrestled the leader of the gang to the ground to get them away from the audience and sustained a painful bang on the finger. Thanks to the 2 vanloads of police who came to help, they were amazing, and to the venue, who were also great. It was always my hope that any new gig venture I ran would do something to push the boundaries of live comedy and am delighted this first one went so far above and beyond.

On a serious note - this was really horrible. I hope everyone who was there is ok today and will be emailing the audience to make sure there is no unresolved upset. Thanks to Luke, Jon, Hollie Ebdon, Zoe Waterman and John Kearns for being particularly proactive in helping to resolve the issue and keep people safe. What a shame. Does anybody know how we can get it on Chortle?

Anyway, tickets for July's gig are available here. It will feature a full Edinburgh preview from myself and Ed Aczel presenting our new sketch show Ed & Joz's Deleted Scenes, as well as sets from special guests Alison Thea-Skot, Holly Burn and Thom Tuck. Fingers crossed there will be considerably less harrowing disruption this time!