Thank You, ARGComFest!

An enormous thank you to everybody at ARGComFest for having me for one of my very favourite previews of the year last night. In particular, of course, a huge thank you and congratulations to the festival's director, Pax Lowey, who has built such an incredible thing with ARG, and a few further particular thank you's to Cara Compass, Molly Stewart, Ed Moore and all the other staff and technicians and venue managers who help it to be such a wonderful thing. On a more self-reflective note, last night's show really cemented my conviction that this show I'm building is the best thing I've ever made and I think does something really special that I'm really proud of. A lot of that is down to the amazing input of my major collaborators this year, Ben Target and Alex Hardy, so thanks to them for their unending insight and support and their wonderful brains and hearts. There are two more previews still to come, one in Ivybridge on the 20th July and one in Oxford on the 24th, so if you're in that part of the world then please do come along!