Weirdos At EdFringe

Big news, this - Weirdos are back at the Edinburgh Fringe for 2019. Long-standing Weirdos fans will know that we've not done a big group show for quite a while now. The last proper show we all did together was 2017's Chortle Award-winning extravaganza The Battle For Icetopia, and the last formally collaborative project we did at the Fringe was our disastrous tribute to Robin Williams and Jumanji at the inaugural "For Robin" charity gala in 2015. But we're making a triumphant (maybe) return to the festival this year for three one-off performances taking place on the three Thursdays of the Fringe (8th, 15th, and 22nd) at 11pm at Bedlam Theatre. Chief Weirdo Adam Larter is currently cooking up exactly what these performances will entail, but their publicly released titles, to whet any potential audience's appetites, are:

8th - Street Food Conference

15th - Weirdos Vs The Glang Show

22nd - Dorito Fish Origins

I'll be involved in the 15th and 22nd, I think, though sadly not the 8th, but across the three performances the shows will be performed by a cast of Weirdos all-stars including Adam, Ali Brice, Alwin Solanky, Andy Barr, Charlie Miller, Eleanor Morton, Helen Duff, Jack De'Ath, Jayne Edwards, Kat Bond, Katia Kvinge, Liberty Hodes, Lucy Pearman, Michael Brunstrom, Phil Jarvis, Sean Morley, Sooz Kempner, Tom Meek, Zoe Tomalin, and many more! Or probably not many more, I think that's about it. Oh, me as well. Maybe some more. Who knows?

The shows aren't part of the official Fringe programme, so don't go looking for them there, but you can find out a bit more on this Facebook group. Mark them in your diaries!