The Twelve Ronnies

Last year Ben Alborough sent me a script about the twelve Ronnies that starred in the original version of The Two Ronnies before ten of them left and I loved it. It was really, really dumb and stupid but also had loads of really great, clever lines and jokes in it. I did some voices in this audio pilot which has been kicking around Radio 4 for a while, and sadly it WON'T be on your radios any time soon, but Ben's putting it out into the world and I'm really glad he is because I think it's excellent and I'm really glad people get to hear it.

Produced by Cameron Loxdale with sound wizardry from Matt Farrugia and co-starring Harriet Cartledge and Imogen Scoppie. Enjoy, and share it around if you like it, maybe if it gets super-popular on the internet we can turn it into a podcast or something! You can listen to it on Soundcloud here.