Fest: Light In Dark Times

I mentioned in my last post, about my Fringe elevator pitch for The Reviews Hub, that I'm conscious of trying to vary up what I say in my various bits of Fringe press this year to keep it interesting, but happily, this one's a bit different and isn't just another promotional interview. Fest have put together this excellent feature exploring the worst moments in the recent history of the Fringe from an ethical point of view, then the best new initiatives, attitudes and movements coming through trying to transform it for the better. I think it's a really good read. I offer some thoughts on some comments from the Fringe bosses earlier this year that I felt revealed a really depressing attitude in how the festival is run, and there are thoughts on accessibility, diversity, sustainability and other similar initiatives from such legends as Sh!t Theatre, Fern Brady, Laura Lexx and many more. Enjoy!