Soho Theatre Transfer

My show is playing 4 nights at the Soho Theatre in September and I'm incredibly excited. If you're not at the Fringe then I'd love you to come - if ever there was a London show I'd like everybody to come to, it'd be this one, so please do book tickets! And if anybody wants to share the ticket link for the show in Edinburgh it would be enormously helpful in getting this Soho run to be a success! Tickets are available here.

I've made so many shows that didn't go to the Soho that I learned long ago that a Soho transfer is not the be-all and end-all of having a good Fringe. I always hoped to get one one day, but a good few years ago I stopped thinking of that as a "goal," and focused in on the things the Fringe is actually about - I wanted to get better, and create, and explore, and make work that gradually improved its own ability to express a certain feeling or inhabit a certain idea, and stand on its own two feet and feel like it was doing something slightly different. The Fringe became my playground to get better at that, and I hoped that if I worked hard and kept on pushing myself, one day maybe somebody else would swoop in and say they liked what I was doing. I'm absolutely over the moon about this.

As I mentioned above, the best way to make this show do well at the Soho is if it did well in Edinburgh, so if anybody wants to share the Edinburgh ticket link, which is here, it'd all help to get people to hear about this show and create some interest! I've never had to do a 4-night London run and would LOVE to sell it out, or at least get it nice and busy.

As ever, much love to Alex and Ben for making this show good enough to get people's interest, and to Hollie for her enduring support and incredibly hard work. I love them all very much.