Assorted Fringe Press Bits

Hello! So, just getting up to speed here. Here are three more bits of press/promo gubbins for my Fringe runs:

Here's a Q&A with This Week about specific tips on how to survive and thrive at the Edinburgh Fringe, both for performers and audiences.

Here's a feature in British Comedy Guide in which various comedy legends, plus yours truly, offer our thoughts on who we'd least like to see in one of our audiences.

And here's my answer to another of Chortle's Random Questions column, this one about whether I prize fame or talent. I think it's obvious from my answer, but I reckon when this question was asked to me I either got confused, or it was asked in the opposite order to what it is in the article, meaning that when I say "The former," in THIS context I actually mean "The latter." To be clear - I think talent is more important than fame.