Radio K.A.O.S.

Exciting news! Starting next week, Matt Highton and I will be back on Resonance FM

every Thursday morning from 11-12 with our new show, Radio K.A.O.S. in which we alternate our famous brand of silly chat and exciting guests with tracks from the Roger Waters album Radio K.A.O.S. There are eight tracks on Radio K.A.O.S. and we'll probably play a couple every week, so essentially we'll cycle through the album roughly once per month, but - and here's the exciting bit! - not necessarily in order. I imagine we'll play it in order for the first month because we don't want to get too subversive too quickly, but once we're into the second month we might just start with "The Powers That Be" or something. I don't know what we'll do, it's gonna be wild. You can prepare yourself for this exciting show by starting to get familiar with Roger Waters' masterpiece Radio K.A.O.S. today! Here's the incredible opening track, "Radio Waves." And remember, you can listen to Resonance FM here.

"We really fucked that record up. I should never have made that record." - Roger Waters on Radio K.A.O.S.