Ed & Joz's Heist Movie - Planning The Heist

Thanks to all who came to the premiere screening of mine and Ed Aczel's Heist Movie last week, it was lovely to finally release it into the world and see it getting live laughs from a real audience. We've still decided to hold it back for now rather than release it online, because it was something we made in order to pitch to TV channels and it sort of loses its currency if we just release it. However, we're so proud of it and were so happy to see people enjoying it that we've decided to release a short extract, so here's our favourite scene from the entire thing, in which Ed and I try to make a proper plan for how to steal a vending machine. Written and performed by me and Ed, directed by Jonathan Brooks, produced by Avril Spary and co-starring (all making very tiny cameos in this short extract) Alison Thea-Skot, Lucy Pearman, Ben Target and Michael Stranney. Enjoy!