Soho Run - Thank You!

The Soho Theatre run of Joz Norris Is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad is all done. An enormous thank you to everyone there for having me and letting me live out a dream of performing a show there. Very proud and amazed to have had the run extended, and very happy to have put that show to bed for the time being on such a high.

Thanks to everyone who helped me build that show, and everyone who came to see it. I'm thrilled that it meant so much to so many people. The next show is starting to form in my head. I'll be developing it as part of a residency at Battersea Arts Centre in February, then will be presenting early WIP versions of it at VAULT Festival, Salisbury Arts Centre and Leicester Comedy Festival later that month. Who knows after that? Hopefully more nice places. It's called You Build The Thing You Think You Are and it's partly about moving house, and partly about a Romanian troll-goblin.