An Early WIP

I am making a new show. I wasn't going to. I thought I'd earned a year off from making shows. Then I started having ideas and really enjoying them, and now there's a new show. The bulk of the actual making of the show will begin as part of my BAC residency early next year, and it will be debuting at VAULT Festival. However, I've realised it would be foolish to not at the very least road-test some of the raw materials I will be building the show out of, so I'm doing a very early, rough-and-ready work-in-progress of this new thing as a double bill with Pope Lonergan at 2Northdown in a couple of weeks. The show is called You Build The Thing You Think You Are and it is loosely about moving house and more specifically about the things we are all built out of.

This double bill is PWYW, but you can reserve a seat for free here if that's your thing.