Ed & Joz's Heist Movie

Last year Tiger Aspect gave Edward Aczel and I some money to film a script we'd written and performed at Soho Theatre. The amazing Avril Spary came on board to produce it for us and our good pal Jonathan Brooks directed it.

We've been holding it back for a while, but we've now managed to fix some sound issues that were compromising it a bit, and we're proud enough of it that we're ready to put it out into the world, so here's our sort of short-film/sitcom-pilot/comedy-taster thing about two idiots trying to plan an audacious heist to steal a vending machine.

It co-stars the amazing Lucy Pearman; Michael Stranney; Alison Thea-Skot and Ben Target and a whole load of amazing people helped to make it. I'm really proud of it, it's the first time I've ever made something with the support and collaboration of a big production company who actually stepped in and asked me to make it, and I was bowled over that so many incredibly talented people would pitch in to help assemble something the two of us had dreamed up.

We're currently developing a TV idea that spins out from this, and apparently the more people that see and enjoy this taster, the stronger chance there is that we might get somewhere, so if you enjoy it please do share it around and tell your friends! I think it's really fun. Anyway, enjoy!