Leicester Tickets Now On Sale

Well, it's begun. After this year's Fringe, I told myself I wasn't going to do a new show next year, and then I started having ideas I really liked, and now a new show is very much coming together. It's already booked in at a bunch of festivals and venues early next year and, while this won't be the first of those dates to actually happen, the first to go on sale is a performance at Leicester Comedy Festival on Sunday 23rd February. As usual, the last weekend of the festival boasts three days of shows from Weirdos comics. After we lost our regular venue of the Criterion last year, we were taken in at the last minute by the lovely people at Apres Lounge, but this year the weekend has been adopted by the good folks at CCCP, and the shows will be at Firebug. You can book tickets for my work-in-progress performance of my new show You Build The Thing You Think You Are here, and the full line-up for the weekend, including the likes of Harriet Kemsley, Andy Barr, Ali Brice, Matthew Highton, Michael Brunstrom, Lucy Pearman, Northern Power Blouse and Sean Morley among others, is below. Go see em all!