BAC Residency Commences

About 2-and-a-half years ago, I got tired of making comedy. This was caught up with all sorts of things in my personal life, but one of the ways I decided to address it was to consciously start making shows that occupied a different imaginative space to the spaces I'd been exploring so far. The first attempt at that was a theatre show I only performed once which, despite the amazing contributions of some fantastic collaborators, felt to me like it was unclear in what it wanted to do and unsuccessful in making me feel like I was moving my practice forwards.

The second attempt was a show that tried to occupy a sort of imaginative middle-ground between absurdist comedy and conceptual theatre and which took me completely by surprise in terms of how much people liked it. I had told myself I would have a rest after that and treat myself to a year off, but then Battersea Arts Centre offered me a week-long artist's residency to build a new show because they wanted to support and nurture people making work that crossed different disciplines the way I was trying to. I've been in awe of BAC for many, many years and as soon as I started to think about whether I could make something for them, I suddenly landed on an idea that I couldn't let go of and a show started taking shape.

Today I've gone into BAC to start this residency, and I've brought with me a notebook, a Romanian folk mask, a top-hat, 24 tiny lights and a ball of string. I hope to leave it with a really wonderful show. I am so proud and staggered to have the opportunity to keep making work that explores strange places, and to do it with the support of an organisation I love so much.

First outing of this new show is at VAULT Festival next week and I'd love people to come along and see what I'm working on! You can book tickets here.