BAC Residency Ends

Last day of this BAC residency. It has been really something. I think this week I've done the same amount of work on the show as I would normally do in at least a month. I've loved having a space to focus all the ideas into something and I'm very proud of what I've made.

Enormous thanks to Maddie Wilson for offering me this space in the first place and for her support, and to Ben Target for helping me to find my way into this world. Thanks to my director Alex Hardy for her questions and insights and encouragement, to my choreographer Grace Gibson for crafting what will be the best bit of this show, and to Harriet Kemsley for lending her voice to one of the show's characters. Thanks also to Alwin Solanky, Helen Duff, Eleanor Morton and my dad for keeping me company over the week so I didn't go stir-crazy.

First previews in a week at the Vaults. Still a handful of tickets for Saturday and a bunch for Sunday. Tickets available here.