Raiding The Archives: Shambles

I'm currently trying to get the right balance between being creative and making new things, versus just trying to make the most of this strange time by looking after myself and concentrating on little things that make me happy. As such, I'm not going to be livestreaming or uploading new stuff every day, but I do know there are lots of people stuck at home starved of entertainment at the moment and that sharing things that might make them laugh is a good thing.

As such, I'm going to share some old work of mine, because there might be lots of people out there who missed it when it was first released! Today I'm sharing Shambles, a wonderful webseries about a struggling comedy club devised, directed by and starring the one and only Harry Deansway. I play Harry's idiot intern, and it co-stars Tony Marrese and Tamsyn Kelly, with guest appearances by the likes of Luke McQueen, Beth Vyse, Cassie Atkinson, Alison Thea-Skot and more. There are also cameos from the cream of the alternative comedy circuit playing themselves and performing their own sets, so keep an eye out for John Kearns, Holly Burn, Mat Ewins, Lou Sanders and more. I think this series is a really wonderful thing and I loved working on it, and it's a shame we never got to adapt it for telly in the end.

Give it a binge-watch here if you missed it back in 2015!