Eastenders: Lockdown Episode 3

One of the few nice things emerging from this whole mess is the absolute glut of creativity it's prompted from the independent comedy scene. I know I've been churning out a bunch of new things this week, but that's nothing compared to the overwhelming amount of fun, imaginative, daft, silly, touching stuff that comedians are making to help stave off boredom/stay sane/entertain people at home. I've no idea what state the comedy industry's going to be in when this is over, or what the comedy landscape's going to look like, but it's been heartening seeing people devote themselves so totally to the making of stuff. Sooz Kempner's launched a really fun project in which she makes up for the fact that Eastenders has gone down to only two episodes per week by making her own original episodes on the off-days, with help from other comics. Episode 3 just came out and I contribute a little segment from my bedroom as the Youngest Ben Mitchell (no idea who that is, I don't watch the show). It also guest stars Adam Larter, Ben Alborough and Andy Barr as other versions of Ben Mitchell. I've no idea why. It's very funny, though. Enjoy!