The Guardian On The Cancellation Of The Fringe

The Guardian have published this feature collating lots of different people's thoughts on the cancellation of the Edinburgh Fringe. I sent quite a few thoughts to them and, naturally, they've had to be selective in what they include because they received so many submissions. The bit of mine they've included concerns whether or not I'll continue making a show which, frankly, feels pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

But there's lots of really interesting takes in this feature, and I do stand by what I said here. I desperately don't want to stop doing what I do, I've built my entire life around it and I enjoy it and I'm good at it, but I'm also acutely aware now that a big part of the reason I do it is vanity, and that can't be the case any more. If we're going to continue making things and being creative, then it has to serve a purpose bigger than ourselves from now on. I'm still getting my head round that and I've yet to figure out how to incorporate it into how I work, but I think it's crucial.