Weirdos Online: Thank You!

Yesterday Weirdos Comedy "staged" its first online gig, Weirdos: A Good Friday, in which Bill Gates (Adam Larter) hosted a Zoom call with his celeb pals Neil Buchanan (Ali Brice), JK Rowling (Eleanor Morton), Nigella Lawson (Liberty Hodes), Nick Frost (himself), Joe Exotic Wicks (Matthew Highton), Rupert Murdoch (myself), Ant & Dec (Cassie Atkinson and her dog), Tim Martin (Helen Duff) and Ewan McGregor (Andy Barr). I've struggled a bit with adapting to the livestream format for online gigs, but I can honestly say that this was the best online gig I've been involved with so far. There were some technical teething problems, as is to be expected, but by and large I felt like we succeeded in building something new that embraced the technological format and used it to create a sense of community and spontaneity and fun, particularly with regard to actually being able to interact with the audience as though we were actually with them, like a real gig. It was also so lovely to see the levels of invention and imagination and silliness on show from the other Weirdos. Thanks to all who bought tickets. The second outing of the gig will be next Friday at 7pm and alongside Adam hosting boasts an incredible line-up of Ben Target, Lucy Pearman, Katia Kvinge, Sam Nicoresti, Aniruddh Ojha, Sooz Kempner and Kat Bond, and you can book tickets here. Here's a little peek at what I prepared for last night's gig, I'm sure next week's will be just as silly: