Weirdos Live & Online No. 3

Over the last few weeks, the online gigs which I've enjoyed over and above all others have been the Weirdos Live & Online shows put together by Adam Larter, partly because Weirdos is a community of my favourite comics and bestest friends, and partly because Adam's been coming up with fun ways to embrace the circumstances we're in and put together something that's not just a livestreamed recreation of a regular comedy gig, but aims to create something slightly new and unusual. This week the show is back, but with far more acts than before because Adam's come up with a particular concept that allows a lot of different people to join in with the fun. So, on Thursday, Adam, Ali Brice, Alwin Solanky, Andy Barr, Aniruddh Ojha, Ben Alborough, Cassie Atkinson, Charlie Partridge, Eleanor Morton, Helen Duff, Jayne Edwards, Liberty Hodes, Lottie Bowater, Lucy Pearman, Matthew Highton, Penny Matthews, Sam Nicoresti, Sian Docksey, Tom Burgess and I will be presenting the most ambitious and ridiculous one of these shows yet, and you can book a ticket here! Hope to see some of you there, these gigs have been really very fun indeed.