Weirdos Online: A Celebrity Twitch-a-thon

Next Friday Weirdos are back to doing our online nonsense with a special Celebrity Twitch-a-thon on NextUp Now, in which a bunch of the best idiots in comedy will be playing video games played by other comedians. Ali Brice and I will be recreating Grand Theft Auto. The show will also boast celebrity impressions and homemade video game recreations from the usual cast of idiots of Katia Kvinge, Liberty Hodes, Andy Barr, Charlie Miller, Aniruddh Ojha, Sam Nicoresti, Charlie Partridge, Ben Target, Helen Duff, Kat Bond, Eleanor Morton, Sooz Kempner, Cassie Atkinson, Alwin Solanky and Matthew Highton. Fun!

More info on how to watch here.