You Build The Thing You Think You Are - Q&A Guest Five

My guest on Friday 24th July is SEAN MORLEY and the subject of our chat is "Going Your Own Way." Sean has built a creative career out of strange ideas nobody else could have, so we'll be talking about being creative on your own terms outside of the usual models.

There was a bit of a mix-up when I asked Sean to send his bio because I mis-worded the question. Sean says:

"In selling myself to audiences, I gamble on the idea that the flat language of PR isn't actually appealing to people who might enjoy my art. Their brains are wired to seek texture and novelty over accolades and legitimacy. Authenticity for me is not about vulnerability but a dogged insistence of pursuing the ideas I turned up with regardless of whether they make sense to you in this moment." He is also on Twitch.

Book in for Friday 24th to see us chatting about making stuff!