You Build The Thing You Think You Are - Q&A Guest Six

My guests on Saturday 25th July are ADAM LARTER and ANIRUDDH OJHA and the subject of our chat is "Being Silly." We've worked together on various stupid projects as part of Weirdos Comedy for a long time now so we'll be discussing why we like being silly little billies.

Adam Larter is the creator and writer of Weirdos, under the guise of which he won the Chortle Award for Comedy Event of the Year 2018. He is also a silly billy. We'll be talking a bit bout Van Morrison, probably, who also gets a mention in the film. Aniruddh Ojha is a filmmaker as well as a silly billy. He's directed a few sketches of mine, and also filmed a couple of my live shows, so we'll probably discuss the process of adapting live comedy for the screen, or something. He's also a member of the band Eldest Child.

Book in for Saturday 25th to see us talk about stupid stuff!