ACMS's Virtual Fringe Run

So, as I rambled about at length in my previous post, the Edinburgh Fringe isn't happening this year and everybody is busy coming up with various creative and exciting ways of creating some sort of alternative to it, or a way of marking it in its absence. My dear pals at the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society will be staging a virtual Fringe run on weekdays consisting of recordings of last year's shows (which, for those not in the know, tend to be marathon three-hour events, so do strap in!) accompanied by a live text commentary from Thom Tuck, and the option to send donations to support ACMS and the performers, which will include the likes Alice Fraser, Bec Hill, Egg, John Hastings, John-Luke Roberts and many more. Oh, and me occasionally, though full disclosure - I was frequently exhausted last year at the Fringe as I was doing two shows every day, and ACMS ran from midnight until 3am every night, so I performed at far fewer of them than I usually would because I just didn't have the energy for it. So apologies to ACMS die-hards that I'll only be popping up occasionally in the odd recording rather than being a more regular presence/irritant. There's plenty of amazing guests though, so you're certainly not going to be short-changed. You can read more about the project on Chortle here, with information on when and where you can watch the show recordings themselves.