Pleasance Preview - Thank You!

Huge thank to the lovely audience who came down to my work-in-progress at the Pleasance last week, it was so nice to have such a fun crowd along for it. This show is mostly just a very silly mess at the moment, but it's taking big steps with each outing, and I'm really enjoying figuring out how to make it great.

Next public outing, depending on what happens in the world between now and then, is its official premiere at VAULT Festival in February! It should, in theory, be a radically different show by then as in January I'm doing a 2-week R&D funded by Arts Council England and part-hosted by Angel Comedy and Soho Theatre to whip all these ideas into a fully developed show. Very excited to be working with a bunch of incredible minds on it and putting myself through a very different process to hopefully create work we'll all be very proud of.