Radio Special - A Reminder

On Sunday at 7:15pm my very first professionally-broadcast solo comedy project goes out on BBC Radio 4. I was very, very lucky to have this to work on this year. All of us in the comedy world have had to spend this year figuring out how to take what worked about our live shows and translate that into a different medium, so being able to apply that thinking to a project like this and invest some energy into something that will be heard by so many people is a real life-line and I'm hugely grateful to Radio 4 for giving me the opportunity. It was supposed to be a live stand-up special, but we were told we didn't need to do that if we didn't want to because of Covid, and by the time they said that my brain had completely forgotten how live audiences worked, so I set about transforming it into something very different that was a better reflection of how my brain approaches comedy these days. So it's a bit more interior and kaleidoscopic than a stand-up special, and I've tried hard to make it into something silly and warm and unusual while also hopefully saying some things that people might find comforting. When I first got this commission, a friend said to me "I'm so happy you're going to be on the radio, you're exactly the sort of comedian I wish I could have grown up listening to," and I've tried so hard to make the sort of thing I would've loved to hear when I first fell in love with comedy. I can't wait for you all to hear it, and I hope you all enjoy it.

I can't plug this show without saying a huge thank you to my producer Steve Doherty, who watched my live shows for years and championed my work and all the while helped me figure out ways of taking what was special about those shows and adapting them to radio in a way that wouldn't spook or alienate a wider audience. I'm really proud of what we've made together, and very grateful to him for his support and friendship. Thanks also to Lucy Pearman, who plays herself in the show and did so perfectly. It's the role she was born to play. The show will be up here from Sunday.