Shambles Anniversary Screening

In 2015 Harry Deansway made Shambles, a webseries about the alternative comedy circuit. A fresh-faced young man called Jog Noggix played the role of inept intern Toby Tadpin. Harry is celebrating its anniversary with a live screening and Q&A with the cast! For the first time since 2015, the cast will reunite live onstage - which of us will have aged the best? Which of us will have the best showbiz stories to tell of our careers since the shoot? Which of us will seem slightly awkward and struggle to fit back into the group dynamic? And we'll be revisiting our favourite memories and revealing fascinating behind-the-scenes stories - which scene involved Harry kidnapping two customers from a Costa and locking them in a cupboard as extras? What did I say that prompted Harry to slap me before a take? What did Harry do to the dressing rooms that, in a post-GDPR-world, would probably be illegal? All these stories and more are sure to come out in Shambles: The Reunion! Book your ticket here! See you there!