Sound Heap - Episode 4

Today is a huge day. Last year John-Luke Roberts asked me to make a podcast called "Papper On Ya Ding-Dong" for his Sound Heap podcast. What I made was perhaps my great masterpiece, and certainly my finest contribution to the Sound Heap project. Miranda told me it was the best thing I made in lockdown (a double-edged compliment, as I made a radio show and a feature film I was quite proud of in lockdown and Papper On Ya Ding-Dong is about a minute long). The hosts of Sound Heap, by contrast, hated it so much they insisted on burying it halfway through the series where it would do the least damage. John-Luke and producer Ed are convinced it's one of the worst things they've ever heard. I've promised them that the people are sick of experts and can make their own decision. It's finally out in today's episode and if it doesn't break the internet then the last year has been for nothing. Help me spread the word! You can listen to Episode 4 here. It also features loads of other legends and great skits. Really good podcast, this.