The Watsonathon II

Earlier this year, you might remember that I took part in the Watsonathon, the first online equivalent of the marathon 24-hour comedy shows Mark Watson stages every now and again. It was a huge, ambitious, ridiculous thing that saw loads and loads of amazing comics coming together doing endurance challenges and being silly for a full day to raise funds for comedians in financial trouble and for food banks. I attempted to read the entire Gormenghast trilogy in 24 hours, but didn't bother to check if that was possible, so ended up failing. Tonight, at 9pm, as a second lockdown looms, the Watsonathon makes a comeback, and Mark will be embarking on another ridiculous day of nonsense, and once again I'll be chipping in. Full disclosure - the challenge I chose last time was horrible, and meant I couldn't really join in or contribute very much because I was too busy reading, and led to an exhausted breakdown five hours from the end. I have chosen something better this time. Starting at 9pm tonight, I will be spending 24 hours filming a recreation of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy from my house. There's loads of other anarchic nonsense planned across the day to lead us merrily into Hallowe'en, and you can watch it all on Mark's Twitch here from 9pm tonight. And you can donate to the fundraiser here. This time the funds are being split between the Comedian Hardship Fund, supporting comedians who have lost their incomes, and Turn 2 Us, which supports people across the UK living with financial hardship. It should be a lot of fun, so do tune in at some point during the day if you'd like to take part!