Watsonathon For Melbourne Comedy Festival

A lot of UK comics are feeling particularly sad and jealous at the moment, because on the other side of the world the Melbourne Comedy Festival is in full swing and, because the Australian government have done a half-competent job of containing Covid over there, people are playing to lovely big proper audiences. Not one to sit and gripe, Mark Watson has decided to take part in the festival remotely by putting on another one of his stupid 24-hour comedy livestream shows, featuring contributions from a whole host of idiots. I'll be popping in to take Mark through his paces while pretending to be one of the most beloved entertainment figures in the UK, so that'll be fun. Note that times on this promo image are MELBOURNE TIMES - the UK times of the stream are 10am on Sunday until 10am on Bank Holiday Monday. I'll be popping up at about 9pm UK time, which I think is 5am Melbourne time. Book a ticket here! Tune in!