Joz Norris is one of the most acclaimed rising stars of the alternative comedy scene. His 2019 show, Joz Norris Is Dead. Long Live Mr Fruit Salad. was one of the word-of-mouth hits at the Edinburgh Fringe that year, winning the Comedians’ Choice Award for Best Show, and being nominated for the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality, the Chortle Award for Best Music & Variety Act, and longlisted for the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Award, as well as selling out its Fringe run and transferring to an extended run at Soho Theatre. In 2020 he adapted You Build The Thing You Think You Are, which would have been a new live show, into a feature film streamed online which became one of the highlights of the lockdown comedy boom, acclaimed by the Guardian as “capturing the spirit of creative Fringe comedy.” Of his previous shows, his 2017 show is available to stream on NextUp and Amazon Prime, and his earlier character and storytelling shows have built up a cult following which has seen him become a key member of collectives such as the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society and the Chortle Award-winning Weirdos Collective (Comedy Event of the Year, 2018).

He is working on a comedy special for BBC Radio 4, A Small Talk On Small Talk, which will be one of the first original comedy programmes broadcast in 2021, and was also the co-host and co-creator of BBC Radio 4’s Useless Millennials with Roxy Dunn. His sitcom collaboration with Ed Aczel, Ed & Joz’s Heist Movie, was produced as a non-broadcast pilot by Tiger Aspect. His short films and webseries (including The Baby, a horror-art-comedy collaboration with Lucy Pearman, Sam Nicoresti & Lottie Bowater; and The Girl Whisperer, a webseries co-written by and co-starring The Royle Family's Ralf Little) have been Official Selections and award-winners at film festivals worldwide, and his sitcom scripts have been staged to acclaim at live readings at Soho Theatre.



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"Fantastic." - The Guardian

"Really does capture the spirit of creative Fringe comedy." - The Guardian

"Joyously silly." - The Evening Standard

"Totally brilliant." - Chortle

"One of the most capable and quirky comedians at the festival...Joz Norris makes his case for most absurd show of the Fringe." - The Wee Review 

"One of the most joyously creative shows you will see at the Fringe this year." - Young Perspective

"All the elements of a critical Edinburgh favourite are here." - Rule Of Three Reviews

"A beautifully fully-fleshed depiction of the human experience." - Shortcom

"The most flamboyant and engaging extreme introvert at the Fringe." - Broadway Baby

"Deeply profound and expertly-executed experimental stand-up." - Fringebiscuit

"An enormously accomplished comedian...All his future shows are guaranteed to be quite, quite unique." - Comedy To Watch

"What can I say about headliner Mr Fruit Salad? No-one can be told what it is; you have to see it for yourself. It's downright stupid and totally hilarious. My sides hurt from laughing so much - an absolute joy to experience." - Now Then Magazine

"Joz Norris is not your typical stand-up comedian...compellingly offbeat and enjpyably relaxed, and topped off by a surreal, disturbing, laugh-out-loud stunt." - VODZilla

"A comedy legend." - To Do List

"There must be praise for Joz Norris, who plays Timmy with natural diffidence." - The Edinburgh Reporter

"Exceptional...exquisite comic timing...speaks volumes with the slightest expression and movement of his body." - London Pub Theatres

"Had the audience in the palm of his hand before his body even appeared onstage...Mesmerising." - One4Review

"Wonderfully compelling." - British Comedy Guide, 2017

"Brilliantly written and superbly executed from start to finish, this really is one of the best shows of the Fringe." - Bunbury Magazine, 2017

"Like the man himself, this show is impossible to dislike." - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, 2017

"Joz Norris weaves a peculiar world with a lovely show...A delight." - The Skinny, 2017

"A head bursting full of ideas nobody else will ever have." - Laugh Out London, 2017

"Simply one of the most joyous comedians unflappable, boundless ball of energy." - The Comedy Verdict

"A skilful and thoughtful writer who fastidiously avoids boring or obvious choices...Norris excels at being unselfconsciously daft...Adventurous and risk-taking" - TVBomb, 2016

"By far and away one of our favourite shows of the Fringe, consistently silly and stupid throughout." - Laugh Out London, 2016

"Genuinely medicinal and cheers the soul...Wonderfully daft and brilliant ideas." - British Comedy Guide, 2016

"Eerie, mysterious and unique...Funny and absorbing." - Short Com, on Robert Johnson & The Devil Man

"No matter how your Fringe is going, how wet it is outside, how tired you are, how hungover you are or how many student theatre pieces you’ve seen, Joz Norris is among the few shows to guarantee you leave with a smile and a warmed heart. Engaging and affable with a penchant for silly ideas that will stick in your head.​" - Laugh Out London, 2016

"A very confident and charming performer...His dedication to the craft is admirable and he really does have a massive future ahead of him." - Bunbury Magazine, 2016

"Now THAT'S what I call absurdist silly comedy...What joy that Joz Norris seems to be the real deal. Bags of energy and a madcap style reminiscent of a young Jim Carrey." - The Girl With The Edinburgh Tattoo

"Surreal and silly...A fine performer of considerable talents." - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, 2016

"An excitable flibbertigibbet...Excellent." - Chortle, 2015


"He is a born entertainer, but also a great comedy writer...Norris is clearly a young comic going places." - Chortle, 2014


"A potentially massive future comedy star." - The Herald


"An absolute idiot...simple, silly and screamingly funny." - Fest, 2015


"Joz Norris is like a children's teacher who has been put in charge of some adults for once. This is not an insult...Inspired." - The Skinny, 2015

"It's genuinely quite hard to play the clarinet that out-of-tune. You play it in a very interesting way that I've never seen anybody do before." - Mick Quinn from Supergrass

"Joz Norris is in a box. This isn't a surprise, as we've watched him get in it....Writing this a day later, it's still unclear if this is part of the act or not. That really gives you an idea of how unusual the set is. This is comedy for people who don't take themselves too seriously...Wonderfully silly." - Cup Of Beans Comedy

"A Fringe regular at the forefront of the interesting comedy revolution." - York Press

"A cult comedy legend." - Dead Cat Comedy

"Atypical strange nonsense from Joz Norris, the celebrated extroverted introvert." - Manchester Wire

"A performance equal parts terrifying and hysterically hilarious." - Broadway Baby


"Giddy, fanciful, creative and funny." - TVBomb, 2015


"Either masterful or accidental...brilliantly executed." - Fest, 2014


"Norris has created a genuinely brilliant character, performed with a confidence that belies his years and a pomp that defies the room. The audience loves every second...Norris is one to watch and a real talent for the future." - The Skinny, 2012


"Norris is uber-confident, but he has the material to back up his tenacity." - Time Out


"His relentless enthusiasm and likeability are the perfect vehicle for some inspired thoughts and innate playfulness." - Laugh Out London, 2014

"Tremendously enjoyable...He could break through massively." - The Increasingly Prestigious John Fleming


"Wholly unexpected, funny and touching...You won't have to keep an eye out for him - he'll be everywhere." - The Ripple


"Joz Norris may have gone missing but his comic ability is still evidently present." - Three Weeks


"The kind of cheeky smile that must have been a hit with the dinnerladies...Norris performs with indefatigable gusto and not a hint of pretension...quality moments of silliness." - London is Funny


"One of the most exciting comic character creations on the up-and-coming comedy scene...if there's a space to watch, it's this one!" - Comedy Blogedy

"Actually pretty good." - Terry Pratchett

"Unscripted and effortless, and full of natural wit." - Islington Now


"Some of the most original and involving comedy I've seen." - Theatre Geek

"For this young and talented comic, the future is undoubtedly bright." - The Comedy Journal

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