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Joz Norris



As well as creating his own work, Joz is also available as a consultant-for-hire on live shows and scripted projects. His collaborative work includes:

  • Director of Cerys Bradley’s Sportsperson, winner of the Neurodiverse Review Award for Autistic Excellence
  • Director of Edy Hurst’s The Discoverie of Witchcraft in the County of Edy Hurst, currently in development with Arts Council England, the Lowry Theatre and Attenborough Arts Centre.
  • Script consultant on Yanks by Kathy Benjamin, Jennifer Bradford & Katie Stober – finalist at the Scriptwriters & Co. International Festival and the SWN Screenplay Competition
  • Head writer of Gandalf Watches The Lord Of The Rings, webseries for impressionist and Youtuber Charlie Hopkinson which has achieved hundreds of thousands of views
  • Script consultant on Manxiety by Olivier Award-winning playwright and screenwriter Jon Brittain
  • Script consultant on Once In A Lifetime by Ben Harris
  • Creative consultant on shows including Ben Target’s Lorenzo; Abby Vicky Russell’s Gush; Rosalie Minnitt’s Clementine; Ted Hill’s Ted Hill Tries And Fails To Fix Climate Change; Lulu Popplewell’s Actually, Actually; Mikey Bligh-Smith’s Outdoor Inland Water; Katie Pritchard’s The Estate Agent; Jaz Mattu’s Jaz Mattu Emerges and Nerine Skinner’s The Rise And Fall Of Nerine Skinner

The projects I have consulted on and given notes on have gone on to win awards and competitions and sell out theatrical runs. I’m an expert at spotting what it is you’re trying to achieve or say with a project, and identify ways to make it clearer, sharper and more compelling, as well as devising a watertight and satisfying structure and exploring creative ideas for jokes, images, dialogue, setpieces etc.

If you have a project – either a live show or a script – that you would like me to consult on or to collaborate on in some way, my rates are reasonable and flexible according to a project’s budget. Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page and let me know about your project, and we can explore ways in which we could work together.

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